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Concept Map: Ethical Theory and Value Theory

Bioethics and Unbelief
Inherent, Intrinsic, and Instrumental Values in Current Controversies over Bioethics
Editorial Foreword to Michael Ray Rhodes, Coercion: A Nonevaluative Approach
Review of Robert Wright, The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are
Why Be Moral? A Response to a Retort to a Reply
Autonomy and Virtue
Ethics in a Demographic State
The Varieties of Ethical Theories
Morals and Politics: A Reply to Garver
The Possibility of Value Inquiry as an Instrument of Social and Personal Transformation: Objectives of Russian Value Inquiry
Foreword to Paul D. Penner, Altruistic Behavior: An Inquiry into Motivation
Why Be Moral? A Reply to Donahue and Tierno
Edward H. Madden et al., The Idea of God: Philosophical Perspectives, Bibliography of Philosophy
Kurt Baier and Nicholas Rescher, Values and the Future: The Impact of Technological Change on American Values, Bibliography of Philosophy

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