Richard T. Hull, Ph.D. Richard T. Hull, SUNYAB Professor Emeritus Department of Philosophy Medical Ethics, Patient Rights, Value

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Richard Thompson Hull
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Concept Map: Philosophy of Genetics & Genome

Of Human Cloning: Is it just another medical advance?
Genetic Carrier Status and the Contextual Reality of Genetic Disease: A Contribution to URAM Genome Studies
Are Carriers of the Genes for Huntington's Chorea and Cystic Fibrosis Diseased?
Reflections on the Human Genome Project: Ontology and Ethics
Ethical Issues in Prospective Gene Therapies
Why 'Genetic Disease?'
Designing Humans versus Designing for Humans: Some Ethical Issues in Genetics
On Getting 'Genetic' Out of 'Genetic Disease'
Philosophical Considerations in the Growing Potential for Human Genetic Control
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