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Concept Map: Book Reviews

Review of Gina Kolata, Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus that Caused It
Review of Solomon Huriash, Handbook for Avoiding Drug Side Effects, 2nd ed
Review of Douglas Starr, Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce
Review of Deborah Blum, Sex on the Brain: The Biological Differences Between Men and Women, and Jared Diamond, Why is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality
Review of Margaret Jane Radin, Contested Commodities: The Trouble with Trade in Sex, Children, Body Parts, and Other Things
Review of Robert Wright, The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are
Philosophical, Ethical, and Moral Aspects of Health Care Rationing: A Review of Daniel Callahanís Setting Limits
Review of Bernard Rollin, The Frankenstein Syndrome
Assessing the Impact of Wrong Medicine
Four Casebooks in Medical Ethics
Reflections on G. L. Geison, The Private Science of Louis Pasteur
Elizabeth A. Lloyd, The Structure And Confirmation of Evolutionary Theory
K. D. Moore et al., A Field Guide to Inductive Arguments
Edmund D. Pellegrino and David C. Thomasma, A Philosophical Basis of Medical Practice: Toward a Philosophy and Ethic of the Healing Professions
Stuart Spicker and Sally Gadow, Nursing: Images and Ideals
Elizabeth Hankins Wolgast, Paradoxes of Knowledge
Michael W. Friedlander, The Conduct of Science
Divorce without Strings: Bernard Steinzor, When Parents Divorce
Richard Rorty, ed., The Linguistic Turn, Bibliography of Philosophy
Monroe C. Beardsley, Modes of Argument, Bibliography of Philosophy
Alfred de Grazia, et al., The Behavioral Sciences, Bibliography of Philosophy
Edward H. Madden et al., The Idea of God: Philosophical Perspectives, Bibliography of Philosophy
Peter T. Manicas and A. N. Kruger, Essentials of Logic: Workbook for Essentials of Logic, Bibliography of Philosophy
Stephen C. Pepper, Concept and Quality, Bibliography of Philosophy
May Brodbeck, ed., Readings in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Bibliography of Philosophy
Nicholas Capaldi, Philosophy of Science, Bibliography of Philosophy
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