Richard T. Hull, Ph.D. Richard T. Hull, SUNYAB Professor Emeritus Department of Philosophy Medical Ethics, Patient Rights, Value

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Richard Thompson Hull
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Forewords, Editor's Introductions, Acknowledgments, Prefaces to Others' Books

2006a "Editorial Foreword," in Dixie Lee Harris, Encounters in My Travels: Thoughts along the Way (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2006).
2006b "Guest Foreword," in Scott Gelfand and John R. Shook, eds., Ectogenesis: Artificial Womb Technology and the Future of Human Reproduction (Amsterdam and New York: Editions Rodopi, 2006), pp. xi-xii.
2007 "Bioethics and Unbelief," in Tom Flynn, ed., Encyclopedia of Unbelief, 2nd ed. (Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books), pp. 137-141.
2002 "Editorial Foreword," and "Index," to Thomas O. Buford and Harold H. Oliver, Personalism Revisited: Its Proponents and Critics (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi), pp. xi-xii.
2000 "Editorial Foreword," to Bennie R. Crockett, Jr., Addresses of the Mississippi Philosophical Association (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi), pp. xiii-xiv.
2000 "Editorial Foreword," to Michael Ray Rhodes, Coercion: A Nonevaluative Approach (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi), pp. x-xi.
1999 "Editorial Foreword," to E. F. Kaelin, Texts on Texts and Textuality: A Phenomenology of Literary Art (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi), pp. ix-x.
1997 "Editor's Preface" to Alan Soble, ed., Sex, Love, and Friendship: Proceedings of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi), pp. xxiii–xxiv.
1996 "Editor's Preface," "Acknowledgments," "Bibliography of Works by W. H. Werkmeister (with Gwen A. Burda)," and "Index," to W. H. Werkmeister, Martin Heidegger On the Way (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi, 1996), pp. xi-xiii.
1995 "Foreword," to Paul S. Penner, Altruistic Behavior: An Inquiry into Motivation (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi, 1995), p. ix.

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