Richard T. Hull, Ph.D. Richard T. Hull, SUNYAB Professor Emeritus Department of Philosophy Medical Ethics, Patient Rights, Value

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Richard Thompson Hull
3241 Heather Hill Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32309
850-893-6539 (phone and fax)



1996 Guide to Preparing Volumes in Value Inquiry Book Series (VIBS) (Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi), 19 pp.; 2nd edition 2000, 30 pp.
1995 Chronological Summary of Buffalo General Hospital Ethics Committee Consultations (internal publication), 22 pp.
1991 In Celebration of the Life of Mike Mohr (privately published), 64 pp.
1989 Geoffrey Alaric Hull, August 22, 1968 to July 11, 1987 (privately published), ii + 30 pp.
1978 Ethical Dilemmas in the Practice of Medicine (privately published), 55 pp.
1976 In Celebration of a Life: John Winter Hull, 1927-1976 (privately published), 65 pp.

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