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Published Reviews, Citations and Acknowledgments of Work

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     Gerald J. Erion, "Finding the Faults of No-Fault Naturalism," Behavior and Philosophy, 25 (1) (Spring 1997): 29-41. "I am grateful to Richard T. Hull for his generous assistance with early drafts of this paper." "In his comments on an earlier draft of this paper, Richard T. Hull pointed out that the compatibilist's account of autonomy implies the uncomfortable consequence that Gretchen's drug use is both free (since it is done in accord with her liking of the drugs) and not free (since it is done in opposition to her hatred of her addition) at the same time."
     Joel Thomas Tierno. Descartes on God and Human Error. (Highlands, N. J.: Humanities Press International, 1997): "I wish to acknowledge the support and assistance of Prof. Richard T. Hull (and others). They all read and commented on an earlier version of this text. I owe each a debt of gratitude for their thoughtful comments. This is surely a better book as a consequence of their efforts. Of course, I alone am responsible for any errors it may contain."
     Bennie R. Crockett, Jr. Addresses of the Mississippi Philosophical Association. (Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga.: Editions Rodopi, 2000): "I acknowledge with gratitude Dr. Richard T. Hull, editor of the special series-Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies-in which this book appears. Richard always gave prompt, precise, and helpful advice in the production of this book; he is an exemplary professional who made my work much easier. Without his support, this project would not have been completed."

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