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Richard Thompson Hull
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Shorter Articles in Non-Refereed Journals
2012 "Dealing with Reviewer Comments,"Executive Directive's Message, The Academic Author.
November 15, 2012 "Why E-Textbooks Just Make Sense: An Academic and a Literary Agent Explain,"Publishers Weekly.
October 2012 "Paying Back by Paying Forward,"Executive Directive's Message, The Academic Author, no. 7.
May 2012 "Never Say No to an Adventure,"Executive Directive's Message, The Academic Author, no. 5.
April 2012 "E-Yikes! Publishing in E-Journals,"Executive Directive's Message,TAA Newsletter, no. 4.
October 2011 "How to Extract Articles from Your Dissertation,"Executive Directive's Message, The Academic Author, no. 7.
November-December 2011 "Editing Collective Volumes,"Executive Directive's Message, The Academic Author, no. 8.
January 2009 "The Promise and Dangers of Cloning,"Pt. 1-2. Free Thinker; also in Center For Inquiry—Tallahassee Newsletter, 1:1 (April 2009).
December 2006/January 2007 "It's a BA-by!" Free Inquiry, vol 27 no 1, pp. 27-31. Also published in expanded form by the Council for Secular Humanism as "It's a BA-by!".
Spring 2002 "The Alchemy of Informed Consent" The Journal of Clinical Ethics, vol 13 no 1, pp. 63-65.
2001"Of Human Cloning: Is It Just Another Medical Advance?"
The Buffalo News (December 9): H 1, 4.
1999 "Teacher Education Bill Passed by Legislature," "TCH's 25th Anniversary Celebration a Success," "Primetime: New Initiative for Family Reading," "Veninga Award for Excellence Fund Announced," "Castañeda Presents Research on Cultural Transmission," "Update on Federal Appropriations for NEH," Humanities: The Newsletter of the Texas Council for the Humanities (Summer):1, 5; 3; 4.
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