Richard T. Hull, Ph.D. Richard T. Hull, SUNYAB Professor Emeritus Department of Philosophy Medical Ethics, Patient Rights, Value

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Richard Thompson Hull
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Shorter Articles in Refereed Journals

2008 (with Stephen Paley and George K. Oister) "Can We Survive? (Part 2): The Changes Required to Deal Effectively with Global Warming, Free Inquiry, 28:3 (April/May 2008), pp. 37-43.
2008 (with Stephen Paley and George K. Oister) "Can We Survive? (Part 1): The Changes Required to Deal Effectively with Global Warming, Free Inquiry, 28:2 (February/March 2008), pp. 44-47.
2006/2007 (with Elaine M. Hull) "A Step toward Resolving the Abortion and Embryonic Stem-Cell Debates" CSER Review, vol 1 no 2 (Winter/Spring), pp. 15-17.
2003 (2004) "Pascal's Wager: Not a Good Bet," Free Inquiry, 24 (1) (December 2004-January 2005) p.47.
1997a "No Fear: How a Humanist Faces Science's New Creation," Free Inquiry, 17 (3) (Summer): 18-20. (Reprinted in Tamara Roleff, ed., Biomedical Ethics: Opposing Viewpoints, Opposing Viewpoints Series (San Diego, Calif.: Greenhaven Press, 1998), pp.17-22.
1997b "Why Be Moral? A Response to a Retort to a Reply," The Journal of Value Inquiry, 31 (3) (September).
1996a "The Possibility of Value Inquiry as an Instrument of Social and Personal Transformation: Objectives of Russian Value Inquiry," (part of Editors' Introductions to "Russian Value Inquiry," a special issue of The Journal of Value Inquiry, edited by Richard T. Hull, Alexander Razin, and Darren Longo) The Journal of Value Inquiry, 30 (1-2) (June): 85-87.
1996b "Assessing the Impact of Wrong Medicine," Pharmaceutical News, 3 (6) (November-December): 35-36
1996c "When It Ain't Broke...," Law and Policy, 17(2)(April): 217-2l9.
1993 "Why Be Moral? A Reply to Donahue and Tierno," The Journal of Value Inquiry, 27(1): 109-110.
1992a "The ATS Policy Statement on Withholding and Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Therapy", American Review of Respiratory Disease, 145: 249-250.
1992b "Commentary: The Transplant Baby from Outer Space," The Hastings Center Report , 22(4): 24-25.
1991 "Back in the USSR," The Hastings Center Report, 21(6): 4.
1981a "The Function of Professional Codes," Westminster Review , 1(3): 12-13.
1981b "Reply to Erde's 'Notions of Teams and Team Talk in Health Care: Implications for Responsibilities'," Law, Medicine, and Health Care, 9(6): 2.
1974 "Some Remarks Occasioned by Clack and Chisholm on the Self," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 35(2): 257-260.
1958 "Psycho-physical Problems Affecting Man in Space," Proceedings of the Oklahoma Junior Academy of Sciences, 1 (June 1, 1958): 15-21.
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